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Battleground Box

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¿Cómo se consigue la Battleground Box?
How to get the Generation-Box?

Esta caja se adquiere mediante el nuevo sistema "Battleground Participation" el cual te da 1 punto cada BG que juegues, con 10 de estos puntos podrás canjear una Battleground Box en @telma seleccionando la opción que dice "Get my Reward !"

You can get this box by our new system  "Battleground Participation", every BG will give you 1 point of BG played, with 10 points you can buy a Battleground Box on @telma selecting the option "Get my Reward !"


¿Qué contiene la Battleground Box?
What contains the Battleground Box?


5641 Robo Eye
5452.gif RWC Silver
5361.gif Gangster Scarf
5293.gif Ramen Hat
20036.png Costume Crown of Victory
18907.png Costume Drooping Panda
20153 Costume Monochrome Cap
19958 Costume Choir Hat
19661 Costume Sweet Bonnet
5236.gif Blue Beanie
5235.gif Brown Beanie
5237.gif Pink Beanie
5390.gif Frozen Twin Pompom
5384.gif Twin Pompom By JB
5383.gif Hunting Cap
5385.gif Yoyo Hat
5387.gif Neko Mimi Kafra
5393.gif Valentine's Hat
5398.gif Bone Head
5400.gif Fox Hat
5405.gif Filir Hat
5406.gif Academy Freshman Hat
5407.gif Academy Completion Hat
5412.gif Lollipop
5413.gif Popcorn Hat
5415.gif Poring Cake Hat
5417.gif Crown of Parrot
5418.gif Soldier Hat
5420.gif Mask of Ifrit
5426.gif Karada Meguricha Hat
5427.gif Black Tea Kochakaden Hat
5435.gif Red Sombrero Hat
5442.gif Necktie
5447.gif Frog Hat
5430.gif Flame Crown
5433.gif Golden Laurel
5461.gif Evolved Whisper Mask
5467.gif Dragon Helm
5468.gif Parade Hat
5469.gif Musketeer Hat
5476.gif Grand Peco Headdress
5489.gif Love Daddy Hat
5502.gif Necromancer's Hood
5508.gif Shark Hat
Añadidos 01/05/2018
31209Costume Straight Long (White)
20459.gifCostume Valhalla Idol
20434.pngCostume Drooping Gunslinger
18834Costume Sakura Hairband
Tulip Hairpin
5822.gifLove Chick Hat
5827.gifBook Pile Hat
5786.gifAncient Elven Ears
5512.gifAquarius Diadem
5513.gif Aquarius Crown
5514.gifPisces Diadem
5515.gifPisces Crown
5545.gifAries Diadem
5546.gifAries Crown

5519.gifPeacock Feather
5522.gifFanta Zero Lemon Hat
5523.gifSakura Mist Hat
5530.gifRaven Cap
5535.gifSide Cap
5537.gifCoati Hat
5538.gifTucan Hat

Requeridos en quest:
5416.gif Beer Hat
5229.gifBrown Deviruchi Hat
5404.gif Blue Ribbon

A medida que el servidor vaya avanzando más se irán añadiendo más items a esta caja.
As our server progress new items will be added to this box.


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